Exhibiting Info

Application Form

Application Form(84KB)

*Please retain a photocopy of the completed form for your records.


Exhibition Guideline(804KB)


Exhibition Subjects

Grinding machines, Tool Grinding machines, Grinding wheel, Abrasive chips, Truing machines, Precision measuring, Cutting tools, Cutting oil, Filters, Parts and accessories, etc.

Visitors Categories

Technologists, Researchers, Manufacturers, Students, etc.

Booth Specifications and Exhibition Fee

Booth specifications

1 booth (width 3 m × depth 3 m × height 2.7 m)
The basic booth shall be set up according to system panel specifications, and the rear and side walls shall be installed by the sponsor.

Exhibition fee

Exhibition fee (per booth)

350,000 yen (excluding tax)

*Please be advised that a consumption tax rate as of March 13, 2019 will be applied to the specified price.

Layout of booths

The booths can be arranged in four ways – row, block,
island (double), island (triple), – to suit the exhibits and the method of installing the booths.
Between 1 and 9 booths can decorate the booths to a height of 4.0 m. (a one-meter setback from the passage and from the basic panel can accommodate a decoration of up to 3.6 meters.)
In addition, exhibitors who use an island booth consisting of at least 10 booths can decorate the booths to a height of 5 m.

Turnkey Booth Package

A simple and quick booth package plan is available

Booth walls (system panels), parapet, reception counter, flooring (carpeting), lighting (fluorescent 40 W: 1 light, spotlights 100W: 2 lamps), 1 foldable chair, business card drop-box: 1, signboard (for exhibitor / company name), electric power use up to 1 kW included (higher power consumption charged separately) usage fees.

Booth price + 120,000 yen (excluding tax)

Deadline for Application

October 12th, 2018


October 12 (Fri.), 2018 Application Deadline
December 3 (Mon.), 2018 Explanatory Meeting

※Release of the Floor Plan and explanation about the venue specifications, regulation on layout, booth setting-up and removal and promotional activities.
Venue and place will be announced to exhibitors early November

Early January 2019 Dispatch of Invitation cards

※We will send the requested amount of Invitation cards for free

January 31 (Thu.), 2019 Deadline for diverse services
(Electricity, Rental furniture, etc.)

※All application forms will be distributed during the Explanatory Meeting.

March 15 (Fri.) - 17 (Sun.), 2019 Booth construction, decoration setting-up
March 18 (Mon.) - 20 (Wed.), 2019 Exhibition Schedule
March 20 (Wed.), 2019 Removal (17:00 - 21:00)
March 21 (Thu.), 2019 Removal (9:00 - 17:00)
Mid-May, 2019 Report of the exhibition